The Sforzando String Festival is geared toward the following participants:

  • Ages 5 - 18
  • Violinists and Violists
  • Must be able to at least play all of the Twinkle Variations and Theme from Suzuki Book 1

Students will be divided up into groups appropriate for their level as indicated on the registration form - from beginners to advanced violinists, creating a camp that is specially designed to cause you to excel at whatever level you are!

So that wasn't so scary...  Now you can peruse the tips below and then take the "coda" on over to our application page.  This is a camp with a small student to teacher ratio, so register early as space is limited!

You may get more out of your time at camp if you...

  • Know how to have a crazy good time 
  • Listen intently 
  • Love to celebrate using music 
  • Don't mind a game of round the world ping pong 
  • Want to learn 
  • Enjoy exploring the entire world of music including the theory and composers behind it 
  • Are up for a wanderin' in the woods with a team 
  • Demand excellence in your own music and support the others who do 
  • Like to make new friends 
  • Want to get all fired up about violin 
  • Love to get away and hang out with a group of friends and your violin 
  • Like good food 
  • Want a high class artistic experience in a woodsy lodge setting 
  • ...COME! :)

We look forward to having you!